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Tomahawks Still Undefeated in Regulation After Another 3/4 Point weekend

Written by: David Nicoletti

Max Neill celebrates after scoring a goal for the Johnstown Tomahawks during the 2020-21 season.

The Johnstown Tomahawks were back on the road last week as they took on the Northeast Generals in a two-game series.

The Tomahawks on Thursday came out in their home white uniforms for game one. Their starting lineup consisted of Brendan Clark, Anthony Mastromonica, and John Gelatt out front with Ryan Poorman and Caden Lewandowski on defense. Connor Strobel would be the man between the pipes for the Hawks.

The Generals came out on Thursday wearing their dark navy uniforms. Their starting line consisted of Liam McCanney, Dylan Schuett, and Aidan Curran out front. Followed by Alexander Tertyshny and Hayden Clark on defense. Czech Republic native Hugo Hass got the nod in net for the Generals.

12:05 pm was when we would see the opening puck drop for game one of this two-game series.

Eleven seconds into the first period, Anthony Mastromonica scored the Tomahawks' opening goal with the assists going to John Gelatt and Brendan Clark. It was already an early 1-0 Tomahawks lead.

Nothing else would happen until the 7:25 mark of the first. Northeast forward Jonathan Young would score his second goal of the season to tie the game at one for the Generals. Matthew Sutter and Ricky Boysen would get the assists.

Another goal would be scored by the Generals later in the period at the 15:40 mark of the first. Defenseman Bobby Metz would score the goal with the assists going to Dylan Schuett and Liam McCanney. It was now a 2-1 game for the Generals.

Nearing the end of the first period with seven seconds remaining, the Tomahawks would tie the game up at 2-2. Max Neill would get his second of the year with the assist going to Alex Gritz.

That's where we would stay after 20 minutes of play—shots on goal after one were 19-14 Johnstown.

5:53 into the second is when we would see our first action of the period. Anthony Mastromonica would score his second goal of the game to put the Tomahawks out front 3-2. Assists went to John Gelatt and Brendan Clark.

Later in the period, at the 10:42 mark, Liam McCanney for Northeast would tie the game up at 3-3. Dylan Schuett and Aidan Curran would get the assists.

The score would remain tied at 3-3 going into the second intermission. Shots on goal after 40 minutes were 33-28 for Johnstown.

The third period was upon us. Both teams came out aggressive as the final 20 minutes were beginning. Strobel would be strong early, making saves back to back. Keeping the game tied at three.

Aggressive action early would get too aggressive for the Generals. Dylan Schuett would be called for roughing. Johnstown would go back on the power play. However, forward Kolye Bankauskas for Northeast would go on a breakaway and score an unassisted goal to put the Generals up 4-3 at the third period's six-minute mark. The Generals would also go on and kill the Tomahawks man-advantage.

With 11:47 left in the third period, both teams would play 4-on-4 as Liam Whitehouse for Johnstown and Jonathan Young for Northeast would get called for roughing after a scrum took place in front of Strobel.

Minutes later, at the 8:50 mark of the third period, Brendan Clark would score the Tomahawks' unassisted game-tying goal, 4-4.

Nothing else would happen in the period as we were tied at 4-4 after 60 minutes. Shots on goal were 46-37 for Johnstown. We would be heading into a five minute 3-on-3 overtime period.

Only a minute and five seconds into overtime, our game end. Defenseman Bobby Metz for Northeast scored the game-winning goal for the Generals, giving us the final score of 5-4. Final shots on goal were 46-38 for Johnstown.

Johnstown would walk out with one point while Northeast would walk out with two. The three stars of the game were Anthony Mastromonica at three, Hugo Hass at two, and Bobby Metz at one.

Hugo Hass would get the win for the Generals stopping 42 of 46 shots faced all game. Connor Strobel would get the OT loss as he would go on to stop 33 of 38 shots faced all game.

The game would last two hours and twenty-one minutes as the goal to end the game would be scored at 2:24 pm.


Massachusetts governor announced Thursday night that the state is closing all indoor hockey rinks for at least 2 weeks. This is due to the COVID-19 spikes supposedly directly related to hockey practices and games. The ban went into effect on Friday at 5 pm ET. The ban does not apply to professional teams or college teams. But since the Generals are a junior hockey team and fall under the ban, it will affect them.

Players, including Sam Evola, celebrate after a win during the 2020-21 NAHL season for the Johnstown Tomahawks.

Luckily for both teams, game two on Friday was not affected. So, ladies and gentlemen, we would have a hockey game to play.

The Tomahawks came out for game two wearing their alternate red jerseys. The Generals this time around coming out wearing their home white jerseys for game two.

On the starting line for the Tomahawks would be Jay Ahearn, Alex Gritz, and Dominic Schimizzi. On defense, Caden Lewadowski and newly acquired Tomahawk David Paluch. In net starting in goal for the Tomahawks was Sam Evola.

For the Generals, their forward line consists of Liam McCanney, Dylan Schuett, and Aidan Curran out front. On defense is Alexander Tertyshny and Matthew Sutter. Starting in net for the Gens in game two will be Joey Stanizzi.

Warmups were complete; ice was clean, the national anthem was sung, players were ready. Puck drop for Friday's contest was at 12:04 pm.

Johnstown would get off to a fiery start as they would get the game started on the scoresheet first. Caden Lewandowski would get his first goal of the season with the assists going to Alex Gritz and Max Neill. The goal was scored at the 3:42 mark of the first. Like Thursday, it is an early 1-0 Tomahawks lead.

Johnstown would follow that up with another goal to put them up 2-0. Alex Gritz would go on to score his second goal of the season. Assists would go to Liam Whitehouse and Holt Oliphant. The insurance goal was scored at the 7:37 mark of the first. The Tomahawks were off to a great start!

Nothing else would happen for the rest of the period until the 17:46 mark of the first. Johnstown would head on the power play for the first time in the game. Northeast forward Zach Lindewirth would be sent to the box for hooking. The Generals would be strong and kill off the penalty.

That is where the first period would end. Johnstown would be up on the Generals 2-0 after 20 minutes. Shots on goal were 20-8 for the Tomahawks.

The second period was underway after a short intermission break. Like the last game, both teams would come out of the locker room blazing. Northeast almost scored, but Evola would make an amazing save as the game was still 2-0 Tomahawks.

Northeast would finally break the Tomahawks shutout when Dylan Schuett solved Evola to make it a 2-1 game. Aidan Curran and Liam McCanney would get the assists.

Forward John Musella would score for the Gens to tie the game at two. Bobby Metz and Jonathan Young would get the assists. The goal would be scored at the 12:48 mark of the second period.

Johnstown would break the tie at the 17:05 mark of the second period. Max Neill would go on to score his third goal of the season. The assists would go to Liam Whitehouse and Holt Oliphant, giving the Tomahawks back the lead, 3-2.

The second period would come to an end as the Tomahawks would hold on to the lead 3-2 over the Generals. Shots on goal after 40 minutes were 31-28 for Northeast.

The Tomahawks picked up an insurance goal at the 13:05 mark of the third period when Jared Gerger scored to put the Hawks up 4-2. Assists went to John Gelatt and Andrew Murphy.

Later at the 16:15 mark of the third, Jared Gerger would get his second goal after tipping the puck up to himself and skating away to get the unassisted goal. It was now a 5-2 Tomahawks lead.

John Gelatt would go on to score an amazing goal at the 17:42 mark of the third. Making it a 6-2 game for the Tomahawks. The lone assist would go to Jay Ahearn.

That's how the game would end as the Tomahawks would force the split and walk away with a 6-2 win over the Generals. Final shots on goal were 48-38 for the Johnstown Tomahawks.

Sam Evola would get the win for the Tomahawks as he would go on to stop 36 of 38 shots he faced. Joey Stanizzi would be the losing goaltender for the Generals, as he would top 42 of 48 shots faced all game.

2:23 pm is when the final buzzer would blow as the game would last two hours and nineteen minutes. The three stars of the game were John Musella from Northeast at three, Sam Evola at two, and Jared Gerger at number one.

The Tomahawks next week will be back at home at 1st Summit Arena on October 30th and 31st to take on the New Jersey Titans. We will have a weekend preview for y'all coming real soon here on hawks-daily.com. So stay tuned!

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