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TheTomablog is now Hawks-Daily

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

by Jon Kohan

The Johnstown Tomahawks made their NAHL debut back in the fall of 2012. A few months into the season, during a road trip to Flint Michigan, the idea of TheTomablog was born.

The initial thought was to create a Twitter and Facebook page dedicated to sharing news about the Johnstown Tomahawks during their inaugural season. Within a few weeks, this plan didn’t seem good enough, as Twitter limits how many characters you can use in a single tweet.

Also, I found that just sharing various press releases and news stories from around the world discussing the Tomahawks did not suffice either. I wanted to share original stories, break news, and help build the Hawk’s fan base.

A few weeks into my idea, the BLOG was created.

For the rest of the 2012 season until around 2017, I posted on the blog a few times a week with new original content. The blog covered everything from breaking news, trades, weekend reviews, player stories, and one of the site’s biggest hits, “Slap Shot: Then and Now”.

It also opened up opportunities to cover a select amount of games for the Tribune Democrat.

During the 2017-18 season, I was even given the opportunity to handle the team’s official post-game press releases, and supply content for the game-day program.

Though that season was the worst the Tomahawks have had on the ice, being a small part of things was a fun experience and being able to watch all the games from the press box was an added bonus.

Throughout the years, the Tomahawks continued to build themselves into a great organization on and off the ice. During these years, I saw my screenwriting career begin to build and lead to films being produced, (a few currently on Amazon Prime) and was hired to write a myriad of different projects for people all over the world.

For the past few seasons while the Tomahawks have been one of the best teams in the North American Hockey League, I wasn’t able to cover these historical moments in Johnstown hockey history due to limited time I had to step away from TheTomablog.

Even when stepping away years ago, I had hoped that one day I’d be able to find the time to relaunch the site and be part of something I love and that gave me so many opportunities.

Things have not slowed down in my screenwriting career. In fact, I have some really exciting projects coming out soon. Therefore I cannot bring the blog back and operate it as I did before.

A few months ago, I started working on the blog again to relaunch it.

The first thing that had to be done was to re-secure the domain for the website. This is where I ran into an issue. The domain had expired and was no longer available.

This was the first change to the blog needed to be made. We needed a new name and domain. Along with this re-branding, we would need a new logo.

Today, I launch the NEW blog and share with you the blog’s new logo.

RIP TheTomablog and welcome the all-new Hawks-Daily and website address, Hawks-Daily.com

My Creative Assistant, Maurice Johnson, helped me design this new logo. I wanted something that would relate to the Tomahawks’ theme but be able to stand on it’s own.

This is the eye-catching logo we came up with:

Those are not the only changes I’ve made with site. Below, I’d like to go over all the additions this new blog will feature.


We will now operate a web-store where you can buy merch with our logo on it, as well as special original designs.

Proceeds from sales will be invested back into the blog to improve content.

We have a wide variety of items on the site and will add more consistently..



TheTomablog was a solo operation, with some photography done by Tami Knopsnyder. This time, there’s now four of us working on the blog:

Myself (Jon Kohan) – Owner/Writer

David Nicoletti – Writer

Danielle Walukas – Photographer/Graphic Design

Gladys Bantly – Photographer

I’m still looking for one or two more writers, as well as a sales agent. For more information, check out our staff page on the new website.

Having a strong, talented group collaborating with me will ensure that the blog can run even when my time is limited.


The blog now has an official Patreon page (www.patreon.com/hawksdaily).

Here you’ll get exclusive content and some exciting perks (like free Tomahawks tickets) when you become a monthly subscriber.

All money raised will go back into the blog and also help to pay the staff. While most of our content will continue to be free, we’ll also be offering EXTRA content via our Patreon page. Pictures, opinion pieces, short films, etc., will be part of our Patreon content.

Our Patreon page is up and running now, and we’ll start posting content starting this month.

To begin, we have six different membership levels. Below, is a quick rundown of the prices and perks you will receive when signing up. For all details, please checkout our Patreon page for more information.


Minor - $2

Personal thank you e-mail for your support.

Double Minor - $4

Access to Patreon Feed

Social Media S/O

Previous Tier Level Rewards

Major - $5

15% discount on EVERYTHING in our merch store

All previous tier level rewards

Misconduct - $10

Monthly ticket/merch raffle

All previous tier level rewards

Unsung Hero - $15

There’s no rewards here. This is for people who simply want to help support the blog and allow us to create even better content.

Road Trips - $400

Exclusive Advertising Opportunities

All previous tier level rewards

New Website

With everything that’s been added, we needed to create a brand-new website as well.

The website has been totally redesigned and improved for a better user experience. Every so often, we’ll post old articles from TheTomablog to the new site. We’ve got a couple “classic” posts uploaded already that you can checkout. Ive also re-uploaded, “Slap Shot: Then and Now” from the old blog.

At some point we’ll be releasing an official part two of this series, plus a couple other film related articles with Johnstown ties.

The design of the site is simple and eye-catching. It should make for an even better experience for all of our readers. The site is live now, and we already have a few articles and links uploaded to the site.

Submissions (coming soon)

This time around I want things to have a community-feel to them as well. For the first time, anyone can send us content to post on the blog.

Articles, videos, memes, and more!

This feature isn’t quite ready yet for our relaunch, but when we have it up and running, we hope you’ll come check it out. .

Final Horn

These are just some of the updates I wanted to share with you today. As the season starts and we begin to receive feedback, we’ll adjust things accordingly to ensure sure that Hawks-Daily becomes even better than TheTomablog.

This upcoming season has many uncertainties. Will fans be allowed to go to games? Will the NAHL be able to play a full season schedule?

Whatever those answers may be, and no matter what the season might hold, the blog will start posting new content immediately. If the league postpones the delays or postpones the season, we will still have many topics to discuss from prior seasons we had not covered.

Hope you visit the blog and check things out. I think this is going to be fun.

Let’s go Hawks!




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