• Jon Kohan

Post-Game Report #18 and #19

Written by: David Nicoletti

Danbury Jr. Hat Tricks (5-12-3-0) | Johnstown Tomahawks (9-7-1-1)

DHT: Hunter McCurdy (09:04 1st), Robert Hyde (16:01 1st), Matt Danziger (16:39 1st), Roberts Andersons (20:00 2nd), Boris Skalos (05:19 3rd)

JHT: Sean Ramsay (14:14 1st), Stephen Kyrkostas (PP 02:09 2nd), Braedon Ford (14:40 2nd), Jake Black (05:51 3rd)


W - Josh Seeley

L - Tommy Heaney

ADDITIONAL STATS: https://www.johnstowntomahawks.com/stats/game-center/32316

Game #19

Danbury Jr. Hat Tricks (5-13-3-0)| Johnstown Tomahawks (10-7-1-1)

DHT: Marian Haborak (PP 04:25 1st), Peter Lychnikoff (10:22 2nd), (18:50 3rd)

JHT: Noah Wagner (04:14 2nd), Jacob Badal (05:30 2nd), Egan Schmitt (07:03 2nd) , Johnny Ulincy (15:50 3rd), Zachary Murray (PP 16:32 3rd), Egan Schmitt (EN 19:54 3rd)


W - Sam Evola

L - Adam Johnson

ADDITIONAL STATS: https://www.johnstowntomahawks.com/stats/game-center/32317

Next up for the Hawks will be a Wednesday night game on the road against the Jamestown Rebels before both teams come to Johnstown this Friday and Saturday to face off some more. Stay tuned for a series preview getting you ready for the three game week.

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