• Jon Kohan

Northeast Generals (and others) Banned from Playing Games/Practicing Starting at 5pm Today

Written by: Jon Kohan

The Northeast Generals find themselves in a tough situation today when it comes to home games and practices for at least the next two weeks.

Massachusetts Governor announced yesterday that the state is closing all indoor ice rinks for, at the minimum, the next two weeks due to Covid-19 spikes supposedly directly related to hockey practices and games.

The ban on all hockey games and practices goes into effect this evening (10/23/20) at 5pm. Luckily for the Johnstown Tomahawks, game two vs Northeast today is schedule for 12pm, which means the two teams will be able to wrap-up the series before the ban is put into place.

This ban does not apply to professional hockey teams nor college hockey teams but does affect the Generals directly as they are a junior hockey team, which falls under the ban.

The team took to Facebook last night to release this official statement on this surprising news:

Northeast head to Maine next week for a pair of games before returning home the following week to play one game against Danbury. That game is currently scheduled during the now 14-day ban, which means this matchup will obviously have to be reschedule for another date later in the season.

As this story develops we'll keep everyone posted on what's happening.

While the Generals might be an enemy on the ice, away from the in-game heated action our hearts go out to the team and the fans of the Generals. During these crazy times we're living in, hockey has given us fans a distraction from the constant Covid-19 news cycle, but now, the players and citizens of Massachuess now longer have hockey as an escape.

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