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NESHL Sled Hockey Tournament - Day Two

Written by: David Nicoletti

Sunday morning seeked the start of the second and final day of the NESHL Sled Hockey Tournament. Yesterday saw seven games, today, four was the number to wrap things off. The action continued at 1ST SUMMIT ARENA, and this is what we witnessed.

Columbus Blue Jackets (2-0) vs. Space Coast Blast (0-1)

To kick things off, we got the undefeated Columbus Blue Jackets (not to be confused with the NHL team), taking on the Space Coast Blast for an 8 a.m. start.

Space Coast got things started first, scoring a power play goal off the stick of Brett Bolton. Columbus however shortly responded with Theo Hardesty lighting the lamp. AJ Digby and Jaydon Jenkins tallied the assists.

Jenkins put the Blue Jackets out front near midway through the second to send Columbus to the third with a 2-1 lead over the Blast.

Space Coast tied it up early in the third with a goal from Bolton. However, Columbus’ Jenkins scored twice, one with an assist going to Hardesty, giving the Blue Jackets the 4-2 win over Space Coast.

Emily Hamilton (Columbus) stopped 4/6 to gain the win in net.

Sean Gallagher (Space Coast) stopped 14/18.

Philadelphia Hammerheads (1-1) vs. USA Warriors

Our next contest was set to take place at 9:30 a.m. With the Philadelphia Hammerheads taking on the USA Warriors.

Tim Jones for Philadelphia got us kicked off in the first frame by scoring a pair. Matt Wendig and Kevin Skiba went on to tally the assist.

Stevie Bareiszis added onto the total early in the second. Followed by a goal from Jones, his third, and a Bareiszis second. Wendig, Bareiszis, Jeremy Manko, Chad Bareiszis, and Steve Bareiszis all tallied assists.

Philadelphia took this one 5-0 as the third period was scoreless.

Chuck Cauvin (Philadelphia) stopped 3/3, earning the win and shutout.

USA Warriors goalie Michael Lake stopped 14/19.

Space Coast Blast (0-2) vs. Johnstown Sitting Bulls (1-1)

Space Coast returned to the ice after taking a one game break. For their 11 a.m. start time, they were up against the Johnstown Sitting Bulls.

Space Coast got off to a great start to kick off the game. Well, more specifically, Brett Bolton got off to a should I now say a fantastic start to kick off the game. As it took him 28 seconds to score a hat-trick in the first six minutes of play. Bryce Mattock added one from Lorenzo Favor to send both teams to the second with the Blast up 3-1.

Mattock added another one to his name late in the second. Amaya O’Donnell earned the assist, as we got a 3-2 Space Blast score heading into the third period. Things were about to get rowdy as penalty trouble was the scene at the end of the period.

Moving onto the third, Bolton registered his fourth of the game early on with Madeleine Gallagher tallying the apple. Some solid play back-and-forth but the score wouldn’t change. Space Coast gained their first win of the tournament with a 4-2 win over Johnstown.

Sean Gallagher (Space Coast) stopped 9/11, earning the win.

Ron Spory (Johnstown) stopped 3/7.

USA Warriors (0-1) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (3-0) was canceled due to Columbus players testing positive for COVID-19

Philadelphia Hammerheads (2-1) vs. Johnstown Sitting Bulls (1-2)

After an hour break in the tournament action, the final game to wrap up everything was upon us. Johnstown returned to the ice for a 2 p.m. matchup against the Philadelphia Hammerheads.

The first period ended with Philadelphia scoring the lone goal. Miguel Jimenez-Vergara lit the lamp with the assists going to Rocco Cauvin, and Steve Bareiszis.

Jeremy Manko and Tim Jones (2) added onto the total early in the second. Apples were awarded to Cauvin, Jimenez-Vergara, and Stevie Bareiszis. Johnstown finally responded with a goal near the midway point from Wesley Hunter, assist tally going to DJ Wilson. But Kevin Skiba, and Cauvin responded for the Hammerheads, one assist going to Chris Claude, heading to the third with Philly up 6-1.

Ethan Buchkovich started us off early into the third for the Sitting Bulls. But Jimenez-Vergara was there to respond with Manko and Skiba gaining the assists. The game then came to a close with Philly taking this one over the Sitting Bulls at a final score of 7-2.

Philadelphia goaltender Chuck Cauvin stopped 5/7, earning him the win.

Johnstown goaltender Ron Spory stopped 10/17.

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