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Johnstown Veterans Day Tournament - Day Two

Written by: David Nicoletti

Johnstown Generals (Green) [1-1] vs. Pittsburgh Warriors [1-2]

Day two got kicked off with a 9:40 a.m. contest between Johnstown Generals (Green), and the Pittsburgh Warriors. Just like that we would see an early opening seconds goal by the Generals, off the stick of Zach Land, making it 1-0. Shortly after, Matt Fetzer added onto the total, making it 2-0 Generals. Two more were added from Matthew Paterson, and Sean Mullen, along with a Pittsburgh goal from Mack to make it 4-1 Johnstown after one period of play.

Mack got us started in the second period with a Warriors goal to cut the Gens lead in half. Later on the Generals capitalized on the power-play opportunity off the stick of Joshua Capouellez. Later responding with a goal from captain Ben Urban, and forward Kenny Wingard to make it a 7-2 Johnstown game heading into the third period. Matt Fetzer added onto the total with his second of the game midway through the third to make it an 8-2 final score at the buzzer.

DC Armed Forces [3-0] vs. Ashburn Veterans [2-1]

The battle of the undefeateds was up next as DC Armed Forces took on the Ashburn Veterans for a 10:50 a.m. contest. DC got us started in a monster way, scoring six goals in the frames’ first seventeen.

Alex Fitzpatrick then got the Veterans on the board with a power-play goal in the opening parts of the second. DC then later responded with two goals to make it an 8-1 game in their favor heading into period number three.

Add two more in the third, along with a second Fitzpatrick goal, and another Ashburn goal late, your final was 10-3 DC.

Johnstown Generals (White) [0-4] vs. Johnstown Generals (Green) [2-1]

Next up was the battle of the Generals for 12 p.m. sharp, as white team took on the green team. To spice things up, Steve Carlson was on the ice lacing up the skates and dressing for team white. First period was all but green, Sean Mullen, Matt Fetzer, Ben Urban, and Joshua Capouellez scored to make it 4-0 after one.

Add more from Urban, Zach Land, and Kenny Wingard to make it 7-0. After switching from green to white, Sean Mullen broke the goose egg for team white, making it 7-1. Steve Carlson then got his moment, putting one in the back of the net minutes later, making it a 7-2 game. Fetzer then added one more for team green, making it 8-2 after two periods.

Brian Reighard to kick things off put one in the back of the net for team green on the power-play. Zach Dabbs responded for team white minutes laters. Team green then responded with goals from Land, Fetzer, and Reighard. Final score, Generals (Green) 12, Generals (White) 3.

DC Armed Forces [4-0] vs. Pittsburgh Warriors [1-3]

Coming up next is a 1:10 p.m. contest between the DC Armed Forces, and Pittsburgh Warriors. DC got us started by scoring three goals after one period of play. They added four more in the second. Wrapping the game up with a final score of 10-1 for the Armed Forces, as Pittsburgh would break the shutout midway through the third.

Johnstown Generals (Green) [3-1] vs. Ashburn Veterans [2-2]

After a few hour break in the schedule, the action picked back up with the day's final game. For this one, Johnstown Generals (Green) took on the Ashburn Veterans for a 4:15 p.m. contest.

The first seventeen was a close one all the way to the buzzer. Brian Reighard and Ben Urban picked up goals for the Gens. Alex Fitzpatrick then put the first one up on the board for Ashburn. Responded with a Matthew Paterson (JHT) goal, a second Fitzpatrick (ASH), Urban (JHT), and Reighard (JHT) goal, it was 5-2 Johnstown after one period of play.

Sean Mullen would get the party started in the second, extending the Generals lead to four. But Alex Fitzpatrick responded midway through with a power-play goal for the Vets to make it 6-3 Generals heading into the final period.

Urban and Reighard both received their hat-trick to kick things off early in the third. The Gens and Vets both then added one more to their total, ending the game with Johnstown taking it over the Ashburn Veterans at a final score of 9-4.

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