• Jon Kohan

Johnstown Veterans Day Tournament - Day Three

Written by: David Nicoletti

The final day of the 2nd Annual Johnstown Veterans Day Tournament had arrived. Today’s schedule saw three games, featuring the #4 versus #5 seed, the championship game between #1 and #2, and the third place game with the #3 seed taking on the winner from the #4 seed vs. #5 seed game.

#4 Pittsburgh Warriors [2-3] vs. #5 Johnstown Generals (White) [0-5]

Kicking things off here with the 8 a.m. game between fourth seeded Pittsburgh Warriors, and fifth seeded Johnstown Generals (White). Pittsburgh got the ball rolling first by scoring two goals to take an early lead. The Gens then responded with a goal from Jonathan Krumenacker to cut the Warriors lead to one. But Pittsburgh added one more late to make it 3-1 after one.

Pittsburgh added onto the total late into the second period. Heading into the third with the score being 4-1 in their favor. Johnstown added another one midway through the final frame. However, it wasn’t enough for the rally, Pittsburgh added one more late as the final buzzer sounded. Pittsburgh clinches the third place game defeating Johnstown at a final score of 5-2.

#1 DC Armed Forces [5-0] vs. #2 Johnstown Generals (Green) [3-2]

Next up was our championship game, as #1 undefeated DC Armed Forces battled against the #2 seeded Johnstown Generals (Green) for a 9:15 a.m. contest. DC got things started by ending the first fifteen minutes up 3-0. They then added two more in the second, making it 5-0. The Armed Forces then added three more in the third, including one short handed. Leading DC to win the championship over Johnstown at a final score of 8-0.

#3 Ashburn Veterans [3-2] vs. #4 Pittsburgh Warriors [2-4]

Finally to wrap things up for our tournament, our third place game took place between the #3 Ashburn Veterans, and #4 Pittsburgh Warriors for a 10:30 a.m. scheduled puck drop. After playing the early 8 a.m. game with the Generals, Zach Dabbs would get the game going for Pittsburgh by scoring the opening goal minutes in. Ashburn then responded with a goal late in the period, making it a 1-1 game after one.

Captain Wawrykow for Pittsburgh then kicked things off in the second with a goal to put the Warriors up by one. That was responded midway through by Fitzpatrick and Lawerence. Heading into the third with the score 3-2, Ashburn looked to run away with the game. They would do just that with a second from Fitzpartick, as well as adding three more goals after that. The Veterans would walk away with third over the Pittsburgh Warriors, 7-2 final score.

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