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Johnstown Generals Split Squad Scrimmage - Impressions

Written by: David Nicoletti

I got down to the arena about 10 minutes prior to the game starting. The zamboni was on cleaning up the ice and getting it ready for the Generals scrimmage game.

Once the Zamboni had left the ice, players from the Generals all took part in a little pregame; or should I in this case, pre-scrimmage warmup before playing.

The Johnstown Generals played a Team White vs. Team Green scrimmage, which featured no no referees, something a little odd to me but overall pretty cool at the same time.

Team White got on the board quickly with two unanswered goals. One goal was scored on the breakaway while the other was scored on a two-on-one situation. Team green would quickly respond however and cut the lead by one goal making it a 2-1 game.

From there Team White would go on to score seven unanswered goals. Running away with a 9-1 lead. The first goal came a few seconds after the Team Green goal. Within those seven goals; we’ve seen a hat-trick goal and fourth goal scored from a player wearing an all white jersey with black helmet and pants, a deflection goal from out the zone, as well as a goal scored on a four-on-two situation. A funny moment took place when Team White took a 7-1 lead, one of the members from Team White yelled from the bench over to the goaltender saying “that’s 10 push-ups.” I call that my friends “The Push-Up Goal.”

Team Green would respond however with two goals. Trailing Team White by six goals and making the score 9-3. A member on Team Green wearing an all red jersey, with white stripes, finally got his opportunity and scored one of the two goals.

Team White would respond with two more goals of their own and improve their lead, 11-3. The first goal was scored about five seconds after the last goal made by Team Green. We also got to see the second goal come from the man in the all white jersey. That would end up being his fifth goal of the scrimmage.

Team Green would however attempt their comeback, going on to score three more goals making the score 11-6. The all red jersey with white stripes player would score two out of those three goals, making him the second player of the night to record a hat trick.

Team White would however score and improve their lead to 12-6. Who scored it you might ask? The man in the all white jersey is your answer. Tailing his sixth goal of the night.

Team Green would score another goal and make the score of the game 12-7. Team White would go on and score three more goals in a row. All of them were scored by you guessed it, the man in the all white jersey, giving him the triple crown with his third hat trick of the night.

Team Green would then go on to score making it a 15-9 game. Followed up by a Team White goal making it 16-9. Capping the night off with a Team Green goal and a 16-10 game. That my friends is where the scrimmage game would end.

After the scrimmage game had concluded some of the Generals players all came together at center ice with all the pucks in the middle face-off circle and did a little shootout. I was lucky enough to capture some footage of the shootout. If you are interested in watching it, you can watch see it below.

Overall it was a great scrimmage for the Generals. Definitely fun to attend, and I would definitely recommend going if you are a fan of local hockey and want to help support our veterans. Definitely something fun to watch for the time being until the Tomahawks get their season underway. I will definitely be down there again, and you should too.

You can learn more about the Johnstown Generals, their mission, and give a donation to the team by checking out this previous article we wrote a few days ago.

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