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Hawk-ey Memories: Trinity Romesberg

Curated by: David Nicoletti

Essay by: Trinity Romesberg

Note: This post is part of a season-long series where our readers share their favorite Tomahawks’ memories over the team’s ten-year history.


Honestly one of my favorite memories was being on the ice crew with some of my best friends. We had the most laughs, inside jokes, and memories together. I was on the ice crew from age 14-18. It was a great time.

From a young age I established relationships with Tomahawk fans and was able to get to know them on a personal level. I loved my staff as well, they are basically family to me. Being on the ice crew is what really started my love for this organization and for the people of Johnstown.

A fair tie would be this last season of working for the hawks. I was able to do some announcing and run an ice crew to help establish those friendships just like I got to experience. It was such a fun twist to have the crew made up of figure skaters and hockey pluses from the skating club of Johnstown because that’s where I started.

I wouldn’t necessarily say favorite but….one of the most special moments was the last game this season. Saying goodbye to everyone and experiencing the sentimental moment reminiscing on everything this organization has taught me. And just understanding how many bonds can be formed throughout working and being a part of an nahl organization.

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