• Jon Kohan

Generals - RNDT Game Ends In Tie

Written by: David Nicoletti

The Generals took on RNDT for an Adult League match-up Thursday night at NCRC in Ebensburg.

Both teams would play a solid first and most of the game would be quiet. Not until Generals forward Jeremy Romesburg would score the games opening goal to close out the first with the Gens up 1-0.

The second period would be rather the same result as the first. But this time, two goals would be scored in the end, one from each side. As we would go into the third with Johnstown leading 2-1.

RNDT would tie it up at two early into the third. Romesburg would then respond with a goal to put the Gens up 3-2 midway through the period. However, the lead wouldn’t hold on, as RNDT would score with two minutes remaining in the game. The game would end in a tie, with both teams walking out with three goals apiece.

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