• Jon Kohan

Generals Fall to Thunderbuddies

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Written by: David NIcoletti

Note: Edited 7/14/201

Thursday night at North Central Recreation Center in Ebensburg, PA was the site for a 7 p.m. match-up between the Johnstown Generals and Thunderbuddies..

Altoona would get on the board fast , starting the first half of the period scoring five goals.

John Kovac would score one late to make it 5-1, but Altoona would respond as it would be 6-1 after one period of play.

Thunderbuddies and Johnstown would then alternate between goals as the tally would extend to 9-3 after two periods. Ben Urban would be credited with the Generals two second period goals.

Urban would then get the tally started in the third to make it a 9-4 game. Altoona would then respond, which would be followed by a Jeremy Romesburg goal for Johnstown making it 10-5. However, the Thunderbuddies would respond again, and the final tally would be 11-5.

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