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Former Tomahawks’ Goalie Has A YouTube Channel

Written by: Jon Kohan

It could be argued that we're living in the best era of hockey. From the style of play, to the talent level, to the vast amount of information about the game, and the amount of content online coming from teams and players themselves.

Back in the day, as a diehard fan, you could go to games in person, watch them on television, read articles in the local newspaper, or maybe listen to the radio for an exclusive interview with a player, coach, or staff member of a particular team you're a fan of or follow.

But when it came to more in depth coverage, like seeing behind the scenes of how hockey teams opperate, how players live, their personalities, what their family life is like, etc., there really wasn't many options other than maybe a special documentary here and there.

We could debate whether the Internet was the greatest invention of all time or if it will be what causes our downfall, but this website isn't a place for such political discussions and in-depth analysis of life. No. This is a blog where we talk about hockey, the greatest game on earth. A place to get away from our everyday lives and enjoy the world’s greatest game.

One of the best things about living in the time that we do for a hockey fan is the amount of content that can be found online that gives us a different perspective on the game that our parents, and those beyond, never got to experience for themselves.

YouTube, in recent years, has seen many players, from many different levels of organized hockey, begin there own YouTube channels to give us interesting behind the scene looks at their lives and the game they love to play.

One of those players that has a YouTube channel is former Johnstown Tomahawk's goalie, Cooper Lukenda.

Lukenda, played for the Tomahawks during the 2018-19 season. He appeared in 21 games and had a record of 15-4-2, with a save percentage of .897.

Cooper's first video upload was over a year ago. He posts a vast range of videos which include day in the life vlogs, goaltending advice, unboxing videos, and much more.

One of the videos he's uploaded is titled, “The Truth About Junior Hockey Revealed”.

In the video he discusses his experience as a junior hockey player and playing for two junior hockey teams, one of which was the Johnstown Tomahawks.

Reviewing his experience in Johnstown, Lukenda says, “... They just blew me out of the water. I had an unbelievable time.”

He continues to go on and explain what made Johnstown so positive for him in his last year of junior hockey eligibility.

Included in the video, he has a special guest give his thoughts on playing junior hockey, and playing in the city of Johnstown as well.

At the end of the video he includes a montage of different video clips and pictures during his junior hockey experience, many of which include players from that 2018–19 Tomahawk's record-breaking season.

As of the writing of this article, Lukenda has a total of 343,986 views for his videos and 4.79 thousand subscribers.

When you have some time you should check out his YouTube channel for yourself and watch some, if not all, his videos he's uploaded so far and will upload in the future.

Do you know of any other former or current Tomahawk's players with a YouTube channel? If so, let us know about them in the comments.

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